Brushing Techniques

Essential first step to maintain healthy teeth and gums.
Proper brushing requires at least 5 minutes, and you need to brush your teeth with proper technique and after each meal.
Of the three brushings that should do during the day, the most important and effective is brushing before going to sleep because it keeps us clean mouth for hours.

Technique to correct teeth brushing:

Brush must be new and not have the tips of the bristles bent.
To brush the outside surfaces of the teeth, the brush tip 45 relative to the teeth and attempting to brush tips inward insinuate gum.

In this position and with a vibrating circular motion, move around the teeth.
Thus we eliminate plaque and food debris that is on the surface of the tooth, as it gets clean the sulcus (limit of gum to the tooth).
The movements are repeated in all the (external, internal and in between teeth) tooth surfaces without leaving us any.

The correct way would be to start with the upper teeth, then move to the lower. It is very important to start cleaning the last tooth on one side and scroll through them one by one until the last tooth on the other side thus achieving leave no teeth unbrushed.

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To clean the inside surfaces of the front teeth is very useful to take the brush vertically and make moves up and down and vibrational motions.

It is also important to perform a brushing the tongue. It is important to keep the edge of the gum with very clean teeth to prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease.

If daily brushing will not remove plaque, it produces toxins that irritate the gum tissue, causing gingivitis. Untreated gingivitis can become periodontitis and cause permanent damage to your teeth and jaw. So the Schedule and regular checkups with your dentist are acosejables.


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Technique for maintaining clean sulcus:

Brushing and notice the feeling that the tips of the brush come into the gingival sulcus. In this position make small vibrational circular motions.

Gingival bleeding points are those that are infected and which we should insist brushing until they stop bleeding. If gingival bleeding using toothpaste containing chlorhexidine to eliminate the infection.

Advantages of a good brushing.

- Maintenance of oral hygiene.
- Cavities and tooth loss are avoided.
- Eliminates bad taste in mouth and bad breath.
- The gums do not bleed
- It is very economical.

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Other recommendations:

- If you have never been taught how to brush teeth properly should that would make a visit to the dentist. Until you learn to properly brush them lomal not know we do.
- When you have dental calculus (tartar) on the teeth is desirable to perform an hygiene by PROFESSIONAL.
- Also if you have swollen gums or bleeding you should visit the dentist is to control these points and eliminate the disease.